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Please read below to successfully complete the registration process:

1. Read the terms of this agreement and accept them. You will also be emailed this agreement.

2. Fill in all the fields below, once you submit them you will receive a confirmation email. Please do not try to log in at this point as management still has to confirm your application.

3. You will soon be contacted by one of our kayak coaches to either discuss your application or meet with you.

4. When H2osports LTD PTY. has accepted and confirmed your application you will be sent an email with your log in details and the boat ID that has been selected for you and you can then proceed to log on and book your boat and the time/s you choose.

5. H2osports LTD PTY. requires a security deposit for a key of $100 and a joining fee of $100 plus two months in advance (both refundable). We require a direct money transfer into our account on the 1st of each month or first working day after, your full name and membership/ kayak number must be included as your reference in the transaction on this deposit.

Monthly amount agreed upon to be deposited into Lance OConnor Account West-Pac Bank BSB: 032 573 ACC 224112 on the 1st of each month.

Keys, bring your approval with your boat number and proof of deposit from your first money transfer to the Boat Shed any Sat/Sun between 8 & 5 weather permitting.

If you require storage for your boat please click here

Kayak Hire Registration Form
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 2 x paddle sessions a week 6 month lease-$60 per month.
 Unlimited sessions 6 months lease-$80 per month.
 Unlimited sessions 12 month lease-$50 per month.
 Unlimited sessions 6 month lease with a double as well as a single-$100 per month.
 Unlimited sessions 12 month lease with a double as well as a single-$70 per month
 Other - you tell us you what you want
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