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Kayaks for Hire

Training / Recreation Kayak - Sprinter

$20 per hour Sprinter Training & Recreation Kayak

Length: 518cm
Width: 53cm
Weight: 19kg
Material: Rotomolded polyethylene
Stability [1-10]: 5
Speed: [1-10]: 6


This sleek recreation kayak is perfect for training, technique, conditioning, and racing. A Greg Barton design, its basically a sit-ontop racing hull rotomolded of durable thermoplastic, scupper holes take care of any water that comes in. The performance and durability of the Sprinter is why the United States Canoe and Kayak Team (USCKT) specifically selected it as part of a development program for flat water sprint racing.


For Hire

Recreational Kayak - Toucan Double

$30 per person per hour Toucan Double Recreational Kayak Length: 535cm
Width: 66cm
Weight: 28kg
Material: Linear low density polyethylene
Stability [1-10]: 10
Speed: [1-10] 3


Best double for hire in Sydney Harbour, fast, stable with peddle steering


For Hire

Fishing Kayak - Malachite

$20 per hour Malachite Fishing Kayak Length: 452cm
Width: 59cm
Weight: 19kg
Material: Linear low density polyethylene
Stability [1-10]: 11
Speed: [1-10] 2


A little wider providing stability to go where most kayaks wouldn't, stable and fast in rough.


For Hire

Racing Ski - LD skis latest models

$30 per hour Length: 598cm
Width: 47cm
Weight: 17kg
Material: Fibreglass
Stability [1-10]: 4
Speed: [1-10] 7


Latest imported racing recreational ski, stable and extremely fast, for the experienced paddler only.


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